Child cycle training

Child Training in Schools and Maindy

Each year the Road Safety Team provides on and off-road practical cyclist training for more than 1600 school pupils at Cardiff schools, which are to National Standards – Levels 1 and 2 (see below).

In addition to these school-based courses, courses are also held during the school holidays at the Road Safety Centre in Maindy for pupils who are unable to receive training at their school. The course runs for four mornings or afternoons (Monday to Thursday) as set out on the leaflet. This summer we are holding two extra sessions, one at STAR leisure centre in Splott and at Western Leisure Centre in Ely.

The course is open to all Cardiff children aged nine years and above who possess their own bike.  Following health and safety advice, the wearing of a cycle helmet is now compulsory and can be purchased from the Centre for £10 each. Bicycles can be stored overnight for convenience. The course includes basic practical riding skills, knowledge of the Highway Code, cycle checks and advice on the wearing of protective equipment.

If you require further information or wish to reserve a place for your child on a course, please contact the Road Safety Team on 029 2078 8528 or email us.  Alternatively complete and return the consent form with the £10 course fee.

Current availability of spaces

Note if the numbers are low for a particular session you may need to change to another time or week.

Dates Morning 10 – 12 Afternoon 1:30 – 3:30
Easter : 7/4 – 10/4 Completed  
Week 1 : 27/7 – 30/7 Spaces – Maindy Not Confirmed
Week 2 : 3/8 – 6/8 Spaces – STAR Centre Not Confirmed
Week 3 : 10/8 – 13/8 Spaces – Western LC Not Confirmed
Week 4 : 17/8 – 20/8 Spaces  – Maindy Not Confirmed
Week 5 : 24/8 – 27/8 Spaces – Maindy Not Confirmed