Pass Plus Cymru course

Young Driver’s Improvement Scheme

Cardiff Council’s Road Safety Unit in conjunction with Road Safety Wales, MAC Driver Training and other local authorities across Wales are again promoting this project called “Pass Plus Cymru”.

The project is aimed at young drivers who’ve recently passed their test and aims to help them improve driving skills, gain extra experience, and obtain a discount on their car insurance.

The project will require young drivers to attend a three hour theory session, which is conducted at the new Road Safety Centre, Maindy on a Saturday morning and followed by an eight hour ‘on-the-road in-car’ session (split between two drivers) with a Pass Plus-registered Approved Driving Instructor.

The Pass Plus scheme comprises of six specially designed modules which cover:

  • Driving around town
  • Driving out of town
  • Driving in all weathers
  • Driving at night
  • Driving on dual carriageways
  • Driving on motorways

Also covered are defensive driving, hazard awareness, concentration, speed, drugs and drink driving, safe attitudes and behaviour.

Because the participants will be trained by a professional driving instructor, they’ll gain valuable extra experience and positive motoring skills that would otherwise take a long time to acquire.

All the young drivers who take part will have the opportunity to improve their driving skills on this enhanced Pass Plus scheme, which is also supported by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Why should young drivers consider Pass Plus Cymru

As well as reducing the risk of your being involved in a road crash, the scheme will enable you to gain valuable experience and skills. Upon completion of the course each candidate will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement as well as the Pass Plus Certificate. The cost of the course, which has been accredited by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), is just £20, a significant discount from the normal cost of between £120 and £150

Course dates

Date of course Facilitator
11 May 2013 Anthony Coles
8 Jun 2013 Steve Cotton
6 Jul 2013 Anthony Coles
3 Aug 2013 Steve Cotton
7 Sept 2013 Anthony Coles
5 Oct 2013 Steve Cotton
2 Nov 2013 Anthony Coles
7 Dec 2013 Steve Cotton
11 Jan 2014 Anthony Coles
1 Feb 2014 Steve Cotton
1 Mar 2014 Anthony Coles

To be eligible for the course you must be: Aged between 17-24, hold a full driving licence and live in Wales

To obtain further details or register on-line, visit the DragonDriver website or alternatively phone 0845 050 4255 to make a booking.