Safe Routes in Communities Initiative

In 2008, the Safe Routes in Communities programme replaced The Welsh Government’s Safe Routes to School initiative; however, schools still remain part of this initiative.


The Welsh Assembly aims to change how people travel, resulting in greater social inclusion and improved community safety.


Safe Routes in Communities

Safe Routes in Communities funds capital works such as:

  • Crossings
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Cycle paths
  • Footpaths
  • Secure cycle facilities (including stands and CCTV), lockers and changing facilities.

A successful scheme should demonstrate co-operation between local authorities and the wider community, including schools.


Safe Routes in Communities is a grant funded programme whereby local authorities bid for funding on an annual basis. Any funding they receive must be expended within the financial year it was awarded.

The Welsh Government has provided more than £18million funding for this initiative, throughout Wales, since 2008/09 when Safe Routes in Communities replaced Safe Routes to School.

This year Cardiff Council is submitting a bid for funding from this initiative.  The bid will be targeted at the Community area along and surrounding Crwys Road and Corporation Road.  Last year, the Council received approximately £250,000 which has been used to implement Safe Routes schemes in the Corporation Road area.

This year’s bid will include schemes to complete the necessary works in the Corporation Road and Crwys Road Areas.  This will be the second year of a long term programme, which will target similar busy community areas such as Newport Road, City Road, Cowbridge Road East and Ninian Park Road.