Road Safety Visits to Schools

Staff at the Road Safety Unit are able to undertake a range of practical training courses and pedestrian demonstrations in nurseries, infant and junior schools during the school term.

Members of the Road Safety team are available at certain times of the year to visit nursery, infant, junior, special and secondary schools in Cardiff to undertake road safety demonstrations and training courses, i.e.

  • Roadie pedestrian demonstrations (see the Roadie page for further details)
  • Pedestrian demonstrations in nurseries and infant classes
  • Mothers and toddler groups
  • Cycle training courses; see our cycling page (for one week, either am or pm)
  • A single session cycling awareness course
  • Seat belt and speed indicator display demonstrations
  • Bus safety presentations
  • General presentations and advice on most aspects of road safety i.e. Be Safe Be Seen

Please note! All visits must be booked by prior arrangements and are subject to staff being available.

Speed Indicator Display

The Road Safety Unit has acquired two SID’s, which are primarily used in conjunction with schools who are engaged in a Safer Routes to School or similar road safety project.

The equipment displays the speed of a vehicle, then depending on the speed limit in force shows either a happy or sad face.

This fun activity works well with small groups of pupils, and ideally should be operated with the assistance of a member of the Road Safety Team.

Seat belt demonstration

Featuring the Dimwit family this practical demonstration model highlights in a fun way the importance of wearing restraints in cars and motor vehicles.

If you would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact the Safer Routes to School officer at the Road Safety Centre.