JRSO and PCSO Scheme

Parental parking and traffic congestion problems around school entrances is putting the lives of young children at risk. In an attempt to highlight to parents and guardians the dangers of such behaviour, a number of primary schools in Cardiff are currently operating this innovative scheme.

Under the close supervision of Traffic Wardens and Police Community Support Officers, school children from a number of schools in Cardiff are patrolling the streets close to the school entrances and inform motorists of the dangers of parking on double yellow and zig-zag lines, and noting registration numbers.

The scheme, which was launched at Radnor Primary School in 2001, aims to educate parents and guardians of the potential dangers that can be caused by inconsiderate, dangerous and illegal parking close to the school entrance.

Police Community Support Officers are now sharing a supervisory role with Traffic Wardens at a number of schools in Cardiff, where parking in a particular concern.

Junior PCSO Scheme

Two young supervised officers approach an offending motorist and hand the driver a specially designed Junior PCSO parking ticket, which asks them not to park on yellow lines near to the school.

The first Junior PCSO scheme was launched at Coryton Primary School in November 2008.

In 2001, the scheme was awarded first prize at the Road Safety Council of Wales awards ceremony in Wrexham, and in December 2002, was a recipient of the prestigious Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Awards.

If you would like further information about the scheme please contact the Road Safety Centre.