Road safety near schools

Addressing traffic congestion and dangerous and illegal parental parking too close to school entrances in Cardiff is one a the greatest challenges facing the Council. Each weekday, motorists are putting the lives of young children and their parents at risk, especially during school run times. In an effort to highlight the dangers that parents and guardians are creating outside schools, the Road Safety Team are deploying a range of publicity measures, school initiatives and enforcement campaigns to reinforce the safety message.

‘Parking here could cost a child’s life’ sign

These highly visible bi-lingual signs are designed for displaying on school premises and are available free of charge to schools in Cardiff.

Road Safety near Schools Leaflet

An informative, colourful bi-lingual leaflet highlighting the dangers that parking too close to a school can create at busy ‘school-run’ times.

If your school would like free copies of this leaflet please contact the Road Safety Centre.

Keep the Zig Zags clear

Park safe – Walk safe

This scheme is operated in conjunction with a number of schools in Cardiff. It is designed to encourage more walking to school and less traffic congestion and parking.

The scheme aims to:

  • Reduce the risk of a child or parent being killed or injured
  • Reduce traffic congestion around the school
  • Reduce noise and pollution
  • Provide daily walking exercise
  • Teach young children vital road safety skills

For further details, please contact the Road Safety Centre.

Green Cone Scheme

Indiscriminate and dangerous parking near schools is putting the lives of parents and children at risk, therefore over forty primary schools in Cardiff are now using special Green Cones in the carriageway to prevent motorists from parking on the yellow zig zag lines near the entrance.

Special permission has been obtained from the Welsh Assembly Government to place these cones on the road and any motorist who moves a cone may be liable to prosecution.

Parking a short distance away from the school removes traffic congestion, provides health benefits and encourages parents to interact with their children on a range of pedestrian safety issues.

Road Safety School Banners and Parking Warning Signs

These attractive school banners are used to highlight the road safety message to parents and guardians. All the banners have been specially designed by the children and carry a colourful safety message.

Yellow parking warning signs

These signs are currently being trialed at a number of schools in Cardiff and carry a personalise message from school children.

For further details, please contact the Road Safety Centre.

School Safety Zones

A School Safety Zone is a physical traffic calming measure, which usually comprises two narrow gateways, constructed on the carriageway either side of the school entrance, and a crossing facility also adjacent to the school entrance. The zone is designed to reduce traffic speed in the vicinity of the school, deter school-gate parking and congestion and reduce the risk of a child or parent being injured.

To date 15 zones have been constructed and additional zones are planned.

Road Safety for Children in Cardiff

This partnership initiative between South Wales Police and Cardiff Council was launched during the early part of 2010 and is adopting a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to dangerous and illegal school gate parking practice.

How does it work?

Prior to the introduction of the scheme, selected schools will be provided with an explanatory parental letter informing them that drivers will face fines and points on their licences if they continue to park irresponsibly. During the first week of the campaign high profile policing will be in evidence and colourful banners will be used outside the school to promote the initiative. This will be followed in the second week with the issuing of fixed penalty notices to motorists who do not heed the warning.

The issues of parking around schools and the danger this presents to pedestrians, especially children is not a new problem, nevertheless the increasing number of cars on our roads, coupled with congested streets means that school areas are a considerable concern with regards to road safety.

Common offences police officers will be targeting:

  • Stopping/parking on a footpath
  • Parking on a NO STOPPING area i.e. double yellow or school keep clear lines
  • Parking in a NO Parking area
  • Double parking
  • Parking in Bus lanes
  • Parking on a nature strip or verge without the owner’s permission
  • Parking so that the vehicle causes an obstruction

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